I am a hopeless romantic and shooting couples photos helps me share my passion. As a couples photographer, it is important for me to capture the essence of the couple. I like to spend some time getting to know the two of you and what you are about. By understanding a bit about you and what makes you click as a couple, I can find creative ways to reveal that in our session.

Whether we are shooting at a favorite location or someplace new, your session will be unique to the two of you. I believe the best photos come from the spontaneous interaction between the two of you. It is during these moments when I capture the sparkle in his eye or the curl of her lips that make special photos. While there may be some scripted moments, look for plenty of spontaneous action to reveal who you are as a couple.

I love traveling to unique destinations with the couples I shoot. I believe the location we pick speaks volumes about the couple and their relationship. Whether you are thinking about a distant wedding or maybe an exotic elopement, a couples photo session will create memories to share until you can decide on the big day. If you have already taken your vows, these photos will liven up your walls.

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