Inspiration for me is born from adventure, I absolutely feed off of beautiful and serene locations.  There is something so incredible about low-key, elopements; they give me a chance to really tap into the purity of the raw emotions between you and your loved one.

Elopements and Intimate Weddings are two ventures that I find myself continually gravitating to as a photographer.  Big weddings are incredibly fun and something I also love, but sometimes the craziness of a large wedding can take away from the details that matter most on your special day.

My goal is to capture the deep connections and special moments that will lead you into the next chapter of life.  What really matters is the documentation of your feelings for one another that you can reflect on for years to come.

I want my images to tell the story of your extraordinary day, and most importantly, your unique love!

My guidelines for an elopement or intimate wedding are:

  • The elopement/intimate wedding takes place in serene and remote locations
  • Less than 50 people attending
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