Seeing old photographs, we get enamored by the memories we made which will keep tugging at our heart-strings forever and ever…” 

― Avijeet Das

When we see photographs of our families, a series of things happen to us...

We are brought back to that moment in time and can remember details long forgotten; we are overcome with joy and want to share these precious images with those around us; but most importantly, we are reminded of the things that matter the most.

We are reminded that time is fleeting and how much we hold these memories dear to our hearts.

Pictures are a piece our personal history; they are a glimpse into the moments and details of the people, places, and things we love. They give us and future generations an opportunity to reminisce on memories that could otherwise be long forgotten.

With that being said, not all families are fortunate enough to be able to afford having these moments professionally captured. This time of year can be financially as well as emotionally tough on many families, and I would like to take the opportunity to give back to the community that I call home. I want to offer my creative vision and passion for capturing these wonderful moments to a deserving family. You may know a family that is currently struggling financially, suffering a loss, battling an illness, or any other number of trials life throws at us. This is your chance to nominate them for an opportunity to capture the types of memories that we all cherish dearly.

If the family you nominate is chosen for this photo opportunity, I will continue to spread the love by offering a free mini session to you and yours!

Follow the steps below to spread the love and help give back to someone in need!

#1- Fill out the nomination form explaining why the family you chose is deserving of this gift! The more detail, the better! I am looking to help someone in sincere need and brighten their holiday season!

#2- Make sure that you’ve liked and shared the post so that we all have an opportunity to spread the love!


**You can nominate more than one deserving family! This also increases your chances of winning a mini session.


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