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Arizona wedding photos are amazing! I love the contrasting colors and the desert landscape makes for incredible backgrounds. There are literally hundreds of gorgeous locations throughout the state for gorgeous elopement and wedding photos.

Outdoor engagement photos are a great way to share with friends and family the excitement of your upcoming wedding. Additionally, these photo shoots are a great way to show off your personality and style as a couple.

As you begin planning your desert wedding, it is never too early to begin thinking about locations for your photo shoots. Each area of Arizona has the opportunity to find the right look and feel.

Here are some of my favorite spots  for wedding and elopement photos in Arizona:


Monument Vally Tribal Park - Wedding & Elopement Photo Shoot

This iconic landscape has made its way into a couple of movies you might remember such as; Forest Gump, and National Lampoons Family Vacation. Aside from the fame of the silver screen, this valley lends itself to great photo opportunities.

It sits on tribal land on the Arizona/Utah border, but the park itself resides in Arizona. While you can get great photos any time of the day, the most beautiful moments are at sunrise and sunset. Summertime temperatures can get high, so you may want to elect to come at a cooler time of year. Most of the time it’s sunny, however, you may encounter rain, but you can always catch a beautiful shot.

There are only a few months out of the year that get really hot, so the Tribal Park is a viable option most months of the year. There is a dirt road that takes you into the park, however, if you want to leave the road you must have a tribal guide.

There are many beautiful spots to photograph. The red sand and totem poles with randomly placed sage make for a great backdrop. With so many sights on your way through the park, you may have a hard time trying to decide where to stop. However, there are places in the park that may pique your interest if you’re searching for other not so well known incredible views off the beaten path.

In order to be able to see these incredible views, scheduling time with a tribal guide may be the way to go. But if its the iconic you’re going for, you don’t have to drive very far.

When considering this location be aware of the temperatures and as you consider your background this valley is all desert. While there may be a few green spots and paved road, you should expect desert as your main course.



Oak Creek Canyon is a breathtaking stretch of beauty for wedding and elopement photo shoots

What a beautiful walk through the forest. This location is filled with variety. The forest gives way to beautiful streams and tall trees while ascending up a subtle mountain trail.

If it’s outdoor variety you’re looking for, you’ve got it in this amazing canyon. Oak Creek Canyon is near Flagstaff Arizona and easy to access. This trail has vegetation and clear skies. During the fall, winter and spring months temperatures land right around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. While the sun reaches high in the sky it can feel hot, but the canyon stays cooler in the shade.

Temperatures will spike in the summer, and while the canyon does provide some shade the temperatures will be much warmer during these months.

The setting in Oak Creek Canyon gives a variety of backgrounds and lauds a beautiful combination of red striations in the rock. Dressed with pine trees and leafy green trees, and bordered with a clear mountain stream and river rock.

The combination of nature in one setting makes this a great location if you’re looking for a variety in your background settings. A photo shoot is ideal here during most of the months of the year.

The trail is easy to walk on and you don’t have to go too far to witness the beauty of this private oasis. Enjoy great mountain views as you shoot your photos.

When considering this location keep in mind that this will allow for a mostly forest type setting, and while it does include a variety of streams and red rock you can capture multiple types of photos. The daylight is not ideal for photo shoots, early morning and evening are preferable. However, during the day you can find those great shots if you are aware of your surroundings and can see the forest for the trees.



In 1831 the London Bridge was built but by 1962 it was falling down. We’ve all sung the song made famous by this falling bridge, but do you know where it is today?

Robert P. McCulloch bought the dilapidated bridge at the tune of $2.4 million and had it shipped to California – every brick accounted for. It was then taken to Lake Havasu and reconstruction began in 1968. Upon completion in 1971 the Lord Mayor of London was there for the dedication – who laid the cornerstone.

This magnificent structure is a beautiful landmark and an amazing piece of history that landed on American soil more than sixty years ago. It’s the London Bridge. Easy to access, you can park in the visitor parking lot and its an easy walk on the lower part of the bridge to the promenade where photos can be taken.

The best time to take photos at this location is during the blue hour which is about 15 minutes after sunset and fifty-five minutes before sunrise.

While this is a magnificent structure, the scenery around the bridge is your typical Arizona town. Bordered with palm trees and clay rooftops.



When you think of the Grand Canyon do you think of nearly 300 miles of land? When one goes to the Grand Canyon, exactly where does one go?

That is the grand thing about this place, and yet because of the vastness, it is important to decide where you want to go within the canyon before you go due to the miles between parks. The south rim offers multiple spectacular views.

The south rim is open year round, where the north rim is closed during the winter. This gives you more options when considering the time of year you would like to go.

Mather Point is one of the first views you’ll encounter when driving in on the south rim. You’ll have a view of Vishnu Temple. Shoshone Point is another view – but not a major one. For this reason, there are not many who travel there. It’s not on a map but is easy to find. You may even run into a wedding there.

Grandview is another major viewpoint and is the beginning of the Grandview Trail. This is a very steep trail. These points are off the Desert View road which will take you past Navajo Point and to the Desert View Watchtower.

The Desert View Watchtower is at the far east end of the south rim canyon and is accessed by a paved road. This 70-foot tower overlooks the canyon and the surrounding desert. The tower is at the last of the major stops.

When considering the Grand Canyon South Rim, it’s important to know what you are looking for. The views are magnanimous but can be miles apart. The canyon is filled with surprises around every bend, but it’s important not to get lost in the grand scheme of things.


Other great places in Arizona for photos:


Cathedral Rock


Pheonix Area Locations:

Superstition Mountains 

Saguaro Lake Ranch

Desert Botanical Garden

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