My Favorite Utah Wedding and Elopement Photo Locations


Utah is an amazing place filled with wonderful Wedding and Elopement Photo locations. From the mountains of northern Utah to the deserts of Southern Utah, it is filled with stunning backdrops for your photos. One of my favorite things about wedding photography in these locations is the ability to explore. Being surrounded by such amazing scenery frees couples up to explore and capture the essence of who they are. If you are looking for an elopement wedding, the spots listed below represent some of the finest getaways for intimate wedding day photographs.

Antelope Island

When looking for a place for elopement or wedding photos Antelope Island offers mountains dotted with occasional buffalo. Scenes from the movie The Covered Wagon using the buffalo herd was filmed at what is now called Camera Flats.

Antelope Island Elopement Photo LocationIn one location you can photograph beaches, historic ranches, watery scenes and vast sand-covered hills that allow you to dip back into a historical time with rich cultural treasures. Rocks, red canyons, fields with tall grass and beaches offer a variety of backgrounds that can make one location feel like many.

The perks of taking your photos here is that other than the wildlife you have many secluded spots for great photos. You may encounter free-ranging bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep pronghorn (antelope) and a variety of other desert animals. You have year-round opportunities for photos which makes this a very assessable location when planning your photo shoot.

Antelope Island offers activities year round which includes biking, golfing, camping, canoeing and great views for photography. Millions of birds flock to this little island making it popular for birding. This Island has a rich cultural history and many of the landmarks can give your photos an authentic look and feel to a time long gone.

Antelope Island Wedding Photography LocationWhen considering Antelope Island for a photo shoot, the desert animals don’t interfere with photography but rather make a contribution if you are lucky enough to catch them in your frame. The beaches are sandy and usually include birds. However, there are many places where the desert animals should not be a hindrance.

This is a fun place to shoot and is easy to get to. While it may be an Island in the middle of the Salt Lake, it comes with many advantages including a year-round opportunity for photos. If you like stars, it’s a great place for star gazing.


If you are drawn to the unusual when it comes to taking photos, Arches National Park may just be the place for you. Consider the height and balance, the curves and coarseness of the rock. It’s big slabs of stone suspended in air. It’s enough to stop you in your tracks. Can you imagine that as a background for an amazing photo? Imagine the conversation this type of photo would elicit.

When considering this park, in the off-season you are able to see more land than people. This amazing little park anticipates foot traffic to increase and while it has increased during peak season you can still get in some quiet shots in the off season – October through April.

According to their website, “There are 2,000 named arches in the park. (An opening in the rock earns a name and an “arch” designation by stretching 3 feet in one direction.) Forty-three are known to have fallen since 1977 — a little more than one per year.”

Arches National Park, Utah

The park offers great photo possibilities. It’s important to note that there are cryptobiotic forms of life (little patches that look like dead moss) in the crevices of the rocks. The arches are considered the “holy land” and it’s important that while you’re visiting the park that you tread lightly, speak softly and enjoy the beauty and allow those little moss-like features on the rock to continue doing their job – prevent erosion.

This is a magnificent place for a photo shoot. Better in the off season, which still lends itself to many months of opportunity. Remember that in the summer the arches are very hot. Shooting in the off season offers the benefit of cooler among smaller crowds.

Breathtaking views provide a nice contrast to a photo. This is a great place to consider.

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